Dig Defence: No need for a contractor

We had an older couple reach out to us about installers for our product. I informed them, as I do all customers, that Dig Defence does not require any specific knowledge or skill to install. She explained to me that they were also having some health issues and that they were just concerned it might require more physical strength than they were able to apply. Again, I answered as I usually do, that because of the ease of installation, no fencing expertise is needed and that they could possibly get a friend, neighbor or handyman to install the fence for them.

They went ahead and made the purchase, and as it turns out, were able to install it themselves despite their handicaps, and then they sent us this lovely message and picture:

We recently ordered your 2″ panels for our Shiba Inu Kobe who was digging under the fence.
we installed some of the panels already and here is his first effort. He was a bit confused.
Thank you so much for your product. For 2 seniors they went in pretty easily and now we can relax with him outside.