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Offer your customers the one-of-a-kind fence solution that is Dig Defence. Pair our superior products with your installation expertise to create a winning combination. Dig Defence is a patented, American-made product that will set you apart in your local market. Take the steps to grow your business and join the Dig Defence team.

Business Opportunities with Dig Defence

Join our distributor and reseller program to expand your product line by offering our wide range of fence products. Additionally, you can offer professional installation of these products to continue growing your business. Offer Dig Defence in conjunction with new fencing projects, and promote it as an add-on to existing fence customers.

Why Dig Defence?

We started this company as a solution to a problem. Inventor and founder Todd Richmond sought to protect the family pet, and his family and friends let him know he was on to something when he created Dig Defence. The products humanely keep pets in and pests out, and they are made to last. We believe in our products – Dig Defence helps keep our own pets safely in their yard. And you can be proud that we are American made, keeping jobs here in the USA. And since our products require no maintenance, they are one of the greenest products available to contain outdoor pets. You can be proud of your partnership with Dig Defence.

Our Product Line

Give your customers our entire product line of digging barriers, gate plates, and climb stoppers. Our products solve a variety of common fence problems: dogs digging out, pests digging in, and pets jumping over the fence. Dig Defence solves all of these problems by offering an affordable, humane solution. Our barriers are easy to install, safe, and effective. Dig Defence can be added to any existing fencing including chain link, wood, privacy and wrought iron – making it a great compliment to your existing fence installation business.

Dig Defence drive-in digging barriers come in a variety of spacing to meet the needs of your customers: 3 inch, 2 inch, and 1 3/4 inch. Gate plates will solve digging problems at the gate, and climbing panels keep pets in the yard by extending the fence height.

All of our products are made of galvanized 4-gauge steel, and they are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant and are available for nationwide distribution. They come with a limited 20-year warranty against corrosion and material defects. You can be confident offering your customers high-quality products when you offer them Dig Defence.

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