About Us

Dig Defence originated, like most inventions from necessity, to protect the family pet. Each unit is made from  American galvanized steel to provide peace of mind that your extended family is kept safely inside the designated fenced area. Our products are built to give you a lifetime of service with no maintenance, no wasted energy costs, and the satisfaction that your pets are humanely contained. Dig Defence units are made with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty*.

There is an age old adage ‘Mater artium necessitas’ loosely translated from its Latin origin “necessity is the mother of invention” and from that very expression Dig Defence® was created. This expression and a helpless stray pulled from the streets were the driving forces behind the creation of Dig Defence. The stray was brought in, cleaned up, and fed. Though happy and healthy, he still felt like exploring and would dig under the fence to leave the yard. Many devices were tried: wire fence, logs, rocks, etc. After many failed attempts to keep him inside the safety of the fenced yard, a solution was formed – Dig Defence.

Once perfected and proven, he’s yet to escape, Dig Defence was introduced to the public. Today Dig Defence® has taken on a new brand image and is manufactured to the highest of standards in metallurgy and providing a humane solution to pet owners across the country. Dig Defence® products are manufactured in a state of the art plant and are now available for nationwide distribution.

Dig Defence® is truly a culmination of ideas for all the right reasons. Everyone at Dig Defence® is an animal lover and supports all aspects of Responsible Pet Ownership.

Dig Defence® helps keep our own pets safely in their yard and out of harm’s way. Dig Defence® is made in America keeping jobs right here where they belong. Our products require no maintenance or energy to use, making Dig Defence® one of the greenest products available to help contain pets outdoors. The focus of our planning has always been inspired by doing things for the right reasons.


Dig Defence products have a one (1) year manufacturer warranty on all welds under normal usage. All claims shall be submitted in writing for approval through an RMA form, with proof of purchase. Remedy shall be replacement. All shipping and handling charges for warranty claims shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Product Liability

Always use caution when installing Dig Defence products. Never install our products over existing electrical, phone, cable, gas, or water lines. Dig Defence cannot be responsible for damages caused from use of this product or installation; or any loss, liability, damage or costs, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

*One year warranty on welds under normal usage.