Extend The Protection Of Your Fence

XL Model

Repair Deep Gaps Fast!

Join Fence And Ground Fast And Secure

Use With Any Type Of Fence

XL Model

Safeguard gaps beneath your home or buildings.

Gate Plate

A product for the gap under your gates. Creates a tight ground barrier under your gate preventing erosion and solving any path or rutting issues.

New Dig Defence 3 inch Model For Larger Pets

New 3″ unit with 10″ spikes.  Improved for larger pets.  Stout and more depth makes it even easier to protect your property.
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Now available in Canada.

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Dig Defence Animal ControlEvery year, wildlife problems at airports cause thousands of hours of aircraft downtime and cost the aviation industry billions of dollars every year. DDAC will not allow animals to burrow under fences – it will save human and animal lives when installed at airports worldwide. To purchase a 50 pack of the DDAC go here or if you have a larger project DigDefence offers DDAC in a pallet of 250, contact us for more info.


Dig Defence© Animal Control Commercial Grade (DDAC) is an easy to install, permanent barrier which will quickly & cost effectively fix ongoing wildlife & security problems. DDAC is a trenchless, humane, drive-in, below ground barrier that secures fences, modular buildings, culverts, zoos, airport runways, foundations, decks, sheds, deer ranches, shipping containers, electrical substations, barns & ranches against invasive wildlife & unwelcome humans. Wildlife Control


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All orders for Dig Defence® get free shipping to any in the lower 48 states. Please note: expensive shipping rates apply to all Dig Defence products, due to the heaviness of our solid steel units. We include free shipping, consider this when assessing the value of your purchase.

Dig Defence is the humane and safe alternative to electric fencing and shock collars. This product harmlessly provides a shield to your property and everything within it. Not only is Dig Defence safer and easier to install, it is less expensive and time consuming allowing more time to enjoy your property than maintaining it. Being safe and effective are just a couple of uses that come with this amazing product. Cute-Dig-Defence-Dog

DogInTheWallDig Defence provides peace of mind that your pets are contained humanely and safely. Each unit is made from 4 gauge galvanized American steel and can be used for repairing dig outs, filling gaps, or to hold fences down so pets can’t get under them. Dig Defence is a strong below the ground steel barrier that ensures the job is done right first time. Dig Defence is a permanent solution for your pet safety needs and each unit is reusable. Not only does Dig Defence stop dogs from digging under the fence, Dig Defence also protects against predators and unwanted wildlife such as skunks and opossums.

All type of fences can be secured with Dig Defence®, including but not limited to chain link, wood privacy, and wrought iron. All the furry family members can be safe and protected with Dig Defence®. Each regular Dig Defence® unit is 32” in length and 8” in depth with either a 2” or a 3” tine separation. Also available is the XL unit which is 24” in length and 15” in depth, for deep gaps or holes.   2inPreview

Dig Defence is a patented drive-in ground fence panel that extends the protection of any fence or enclosed area.  These welded strong 4 gauge steel rods are proudly MADE IN USA and completely galvanized to create a long term (if not permanent) solution. Dig Defence is quickly becoming known as the most cost effective drive-in fencing system on the market. It’s “easy to install” design improves and surpasses all former solutions by eliminating all labor cost associated with digging or trenching. The strong steel drive-in units solve multiple problems simultaneously to save time and money. Dig Defence products were first introduced as a solution for home owners to keep pets safely in and pests out. Now, Dig Defence is protecting airports from invasive wildlife and creating opportunity for several businesses to expand and grow in other industries i.e. Pet, Fence, Landscaping, Construction, Pest and Animal Control, Farm/Ranch, etc.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Dig Defence is the product our dog rescue has been looking for. In the past, we tried electric fence, as well as burying wire along the fence line. But we hated using shock as a deterrent, and the dogs would dig up the buried wire, which then became a mowing hazard. Dig Defence provides an effective, compassionate way to “dog proof” our entire fence line, to keep even our most determined escape artists safe and secure. Thank you, Dig Defence!”

Sandra Dollar

Founder, Save The Strays

“The only product I have ever seen or used that actually does what it says. Was well worth the price, and ease of use was just another plus. I would highly recommend this product to anybody that wants to keep your dog from escaping the yard.”

Judy Wright

Single Mother

“My beagle, Scamp, dug out under our fence in January 2017.We have woods in the back yard. I was at work, while my husband was home, getting ready to leave for a Dr.’s appointment.  He wasn’t able to find him before leaving. When I got home, there was a message on my phone from Animal Charity telling me that Scamp was hit by a car and someone brought him in. Needless to say, I was devastated!! He needed surgery and had to stay in the hospital for a week.
I searched everywhere for a solution for our fence to prevent this from happening again. And finally came upon your website. We had a big area to cover (over 200 ft. plus) a lot of work and costly. But well worth it!! I would do it again if I had to. He is well now and seems to sense that he cannot get out and hasn’t made any attempt.
Thank you Dig Defence!”

Stella Spikell

Beagle Owner