Loose Fences And Gaps Fixed In A Flash!

To secure your fence, keep pets in, and predators out:
On chain link fences, place the spikes over the bottom wire of your fence or by interlocking the unit with the fence. Stop driving when the top lateral wire is even with bottom of fence.

On a wooden privacy fence, install from inside of fence (same side of post) or outside of fence, driving unit straight down. Stop driving when the top lateral wire is even with the bottom of the fence. If wood is being chewed, install from inside of fence straight into ground and attach top lateral wire with a staple.

For already established digging areas or for “favorite” spots, please look at the XL model for the immediate correction. While the 2″ and 2.5″ spacing models are more for preventive use, the XL model is the “I need this stopped right now” model. Use the 2″ and 2.5″ models when the ground under the fence is still intact or close to the bottom of the fence.


A couple of Stop The Dig Tips:

# 1
For best results, use a hammer and gloves while hitting each spike evenly. If one or more spikes comes in contact with a rock, remove the spike with bolt cutters or bend it out of the way. If the ground is too hard for initial installation, try saturating with water or installing after rainfall.

# 2
To assist with installation in more stubborn areas, you can use a piece of angle iron or a length of 2x4 wood to place on top of the unit during installation. This will allow stronger, quicker strikes that distribute throughout the unit more evenly allowing a smoother install.


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